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Jean-François Gagné & Associés AVANTAGES SOCIAUX offers the best advice in financial services to individuals.


We offer advice so that you can make wise investments. Put money aside tax-free throughout your life with a TFSA. You can also count on us to help you calculate the various payment options for your RRIF. We will discuss available investment options, such as LIFs, that may meet your personal goals.

We ensure that you enjoy a comfortable retirement. Contact us for an update on your financial situation. Together, we determine the type of guaranteed investment that is right for you and calculate your retirement income.

We help you invest wisely

Financial service to the individual Sorel-Tracy

Our insurance expertise at your service.

Financial service to the individual Drummondville


Do you live in Drummondville, Saint-Hyacinthe or the surrounding area? Visit our office in Sorel-Tracy for advice on financial products and services. We offer the best solution available on the market to help you accumulate money for your retirement.

With years of industry experience, we can study all the possibilities available to you and can explain the strengths and weaknesses of each of these options. Thanks to the intervention of our team of financial experts, you can obtain the best recommendations.

We offer you the best financial services

Our financial services also include:

Life Insurance

Disability insurance (salary)

Pension funds

We consider all applications.

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